Beauty treatments

Our beauty department offers a range of beauty treatments using Adrienne Feller’s premium products.

Hungarian Spring treatment plan
The plan uses the regenerative power of thermal water and sun-ripened grapes. During the treatment, the special and exclusive active ingredients of the product range offered by HUNGARIAN SPRINGS revitalize and energize the skin. The treatment aims to bring about:Cell renewal, Deep hydration, The removal of wrinkles, an extra supply of active ingredients, Relaxation.
80 minute 70€
Vitalenne treatment plan
To treat aging skin, the Cistus and white myrtle extracts stimulate cell regeneration and boost collagen production. The plant essences, rich in active ingredients, and the mineral-rich floral clay mask protect and nourish the skin. The result: a fresh, glowing and luscious facial skin.
80 minute 72 €
Harmonenne treatment plan
The plan is specially customized to enlighten the skin and strengthen the soul. Orange blossom and sandalwood oil carry the power of the sun, facilitate cell regeneration as well as stimulate the skin to function naturally and healthily. A recommended treatment plan for all types of skin.
60 minute 94 €
Mini facelift treatment plan
Intense active ingredients for firm and healthy facial skin. The plan is a powerful skin-tightening plan that delivers effective and spectacular results despite its short duration. The intensive supply of active ingredients, skin-tightening and mini facelift also help to harmonise the soul.
50 minute 59 €
Pour homme mini facial treatment
Relaxation and refreshment for men! Men's skin also needs care and attention. The active ingredients used in the POUR HOMME MINI FACIAL TREATMENT revive exhausted skin and a drained soul. They tone, hydrate and nourish the skin, while deep cleansing ingredients facilitate cell renewal and regeneration as well as a relaxing experience.
40 minute 52 €
Adrienne Feller care for skin around the eyes
For a clear and penetrating look! Massaging around the eyes will stimulate this very sensitive area. The mask helps you to relax and smoothens wrinkles.
30 minute 29 €
Classic facial massage fors over 16s
Reduces tension as well as has a calming and pleasantly relaxing effect. Facial muscle care also helps to maintain tissue elasticity and firmness. It improves the supply of nutrients and oxygen to the muscles, accelerates the physiological processes of connective tissue as well as enhances the formation of cells and fibers, thereby delaying ageing.
25 minute 29 €
Deep cleansing facial treatment
Recommended for guests with normal or combination skin and aims to remove dead skin cells as well as stimulates cell renewal, improving the oxygen supply. This treatment is combined with the HARMONENNE facial treatment plan, which enlightens the skin and strengthens the soul.
90 minute 69 €

Dekoration treatment for ladies

Eyelash painting 17 €
Eyebrow painting 20 €
Eyebrow plucking 16 €

Resin for ladies

Moustache 16 €
Underarm 17 €
Classic bikini 21 €
Legs to knees 19 €
Entire legs 22 €
Arms 16 €

Reservation and information

For more information and to book an appointment every day from 09:00 to 18:00, please e-mail or call +36 20 477 0519!

Cancellation conditions: in case of cancellation within 4 hours before the booked appointment, the full price of the massage will be charged as a penalty!