General Terms and Conditions

1. General Provisions

1.1. These General Hotel Contractual Terms and Conditions (hereinafter: GHTC) have been unilaterally determined by Adventor Hotel Kft. (Registered Office: 9740 Bükfürdő, Golf út 4., hereinafter: Service Provider) for the purpose of concluding multiple contracts with the hotel located at 8360 Keszthely, Mikus Gyula sétány 8. (hereinafter: Hotel) for the provision and use of services offered.

The scope of these GHTC extends to the Service Provider, the individuals (hereinafter: Guests) entering into contracts with the Hotel for the provision of services, as well as to other third parties arriving with the Guests, and regulates essential elements of the legal relationship between these parties.

These GHTC do not apply to service providers, merchants, or agents who provide services offered by the Service Provider to third parties under any legal relationship or who act in this regard.

By ordering the Service, the Guest accepts these GHTC.

1.2. These GHTC shall apply to the legal relationships falling within their scope, with the provision that if a contract or other mandatory legal provision does not specify otherwise, they shall apply.

1.3. Before applying the provisions of these GHTC or in case of their modification, the Service Provider shall make every effort to ensure that the persons falling within their scope are informed of their contents and accept them. The Service Provider undertakes, in accordance with Section 6:78 of the Civil Code (Act V of 2013), to separately inform the other party of any general contractual condition that deviates significantly from legal regulations or customary contractual practice.

1.4. The Service Provider informs the Guest that the current version of these GHTC is available at the following locations: online:; physically: at the Hotel reception.

1.5. These GHTC are effective from February 14, 2023, until revoked by the Service Provider unilaterally or modified by them.

2. Contracting Parties, Object of Service

2.1. In accordance with the conditions formulated in these GHTC, the Service Provider provides the services available at the Hotel to the Guest for the corresponding fees specified in these GHTC. The Service Provider is primarily responsible for providing the Services, while the Guest is obliged to pay the fee for the services used.

2.2. Services include all accommodation, dining, wellness, or other services provided by the Service Provider that the Guest or third party can use for the specified fee (hereinafter: Service).

2.3. The Guest is obliged to pay the predetermined fee for the Services to the Service Provider by the specified deadline, regardless of whether the Services are used by themselves or by third parties arriving with them. The Guest's payment obligation is not affected by the circumstance of whether the Services were ordered by themselves or by a third party acting on their behalf. In this case, the Service Provider is not obliged to examine whether the third party legally represents the Guest.

3. Ordering the Service, Conclusion of Contract

3.1. The Guest is entitled to send a request for an offer verbally or in writing (by letter, fax, email, through the website) or by other electronic means to the Service Provider. Within 48 hours, the Service Provider shall send an offer in writing in response to the request, which includes the essential circumstances regarding the Service (hereinafter: Offer). The Service Provider's obligation to provide an offer lasts for 48 hours from the receipt of the sent offer, i.e., the Guest must accept or reject the received offer within this period (offer obligation). After this 48-hour period, the Service Provider's offer obligation expires.

3.2. A contract for the Service is concluded exclusively between the Service Provider and the Guest if the Guest, within the deadline specified in paragraph 3.1, submits a written reservation or a reservation submitted through an online platform is confirmed by the Service Provider in writing (including written confirmation sent via electronic means). This constitutes a contract concluded in writing between the parties.

3.3. A verbal order and/or modification of an order only creates a contractual obligation if confirmed in writing by the Service Provider. Verbal reservation, agreement, modification, or its verbal confirmation by the Service Provider is not contractually binding.

3.4. The Guest expressly acknowledges that the Service Provider is not obliged to enter into a contract (provide services). The Service Provider may reject the Guest's offer, request for services without obligation to provide justification, based on their own decision.

3.5. The contract for the Service is valid for the specified duration indicated in the confirmation of the offer.

3.6. If the Guest permanently vacates the room before the expiration of the specified duration and notifies the Service Provider, the Service Provider is entitled to the full consideration for the services specified in the Contract. The Service Provider may, at its own discretion, re-rent the vacated room to another Guest or dispose of it themselves. The departing Guest expressly accepts that in such cases, they have no claims against the Service Provider. If the Guest does not cancel the additional services ordered by them from the Service Provider (including, but not limited to, wellness, cosmetic, and other services) within the cancellation period specified for each service or if the specified services cannot be canceled, the Service Provider is entitled to claim 100% of the fee for these Services from the Guest as a penalty.

3.7. The Guest, or the accompanying persons, are obliged to provide the Service Provider with the data prescribed by law before using the Services, including, but not limited to, appropriately proving their identity and making the statements required by law. In case of failure to provide this data, the Guest is not entitled to start using the Service.

4. Commencement and End of Accommodation / Check-In; Check-Out /

4.1. The Guest is entitled to occupy the rooms reserved by them and confirmed by the Service Provider for the specified day of the Service from 3:00 p.m. and use them until 11:00 a.m. on the day specified.

4.2. Depending on the occupancy of the Hotel, the Service Provider, for a fee, provides the option of early arrival or late departure to the Guest, the fee for which the Service Provider publishes according to the pricing method. The Service Provider shall provide the service of late arrival upon request by the Guest with appropriate notice, but no later than the day before arrival, clearly communicated to the Service Provider or its representative (e.g., Reception).

4.3. The Service Provider is entitled to cancel the Contract if the Guest does not appear at the Hotel and check-in at the reception by 11:59 p.m. on the day specified in the contract.

5. Extension of accommodation

5.1. The Guest is entitled to extend the contract for accommodation services for a definite period with the prior written consent of the Service Provider. The Guest acknowledges that this is conditional upon the Guest having fully paid the consideration for the services already provided or ordered to the Service Provider. The Service Provider provides a separate form for the Guest to extend the service.

5.2. If the Guest does not vacate or empty the room by 11:30 on the day indicated as the departure date at check-in, the Guest is obliged to pay the 'late check-out' fee according to the tariff, and if the room is not vacated by 16:00 and the extension of stay has not been agreed in writing by the Service Provider in advance, the Service Provider is entitled to invoice the room rate for an additional day and at the same time the Service Provider's service obligation terminates.

6. Pricing

6.1. The Service Provider is obliged to inform the Guest clearly, easily identifiable, and legibly about the prices of the services provided by it. The Service Provider fulfills this obligation as follows: (i) room rates (Rack Rate) are posted in the hotel room and at the hotel reception, (ii) price lists for other services are placed in the respective hotel departments (restaurant, wellness). The price list contains the actual prices to be paid, including the VAT and other mandatory charges, but does not include the tourist tax, which must be paid on-site.

6.2. The Service Provider may change its advertised prices without prior notice (e.g., due to package rates or other discounts). If the Guest has booked accommodation and it has been confirmed in writing by the Service Provider, the Service Provider cannot change this accommodation rate.

6.3. The Guest can always obtain information about the prices of the services before the service is provided at the Hotel reception.

6.4. When announcing prices, the Service Provider specifies the tax content (VAT, tourist tax) at the prevailing rate at the time of quotation. The Service Provider passes on any additional costs due to changes in tax law (VAT, tourist tax) with prior notice.

6.5. A 15% service charge applies in the Hotel restaurant, café, wellness bar, and for room service. The service charge for banquet services (food and drink) is 8%.

7. Offers, discounts

7.1. Current offers and discounts are advertised on the Hotel's website. The advertised discounts always apply to individual room reservations.

7.2. The advertised discounts cannot be combined with any other discounts.

7.3. For the reservation of the Service Provider's products subject to special conditions, for group reservations or events, the Service Provider sets individual conditions specified in a separate contract.

7.4. The Guest can take advantage of the specified discounts as indicated.

8. Child discounts

8.1. For children - when accommodated in the same room as the parents, the following accommodation and meal discounts are provided:

8.2. Extra bed placement is only possible in certain room types (LakeSide, Connecting).

8.3. It is necessary to coordinate the request for an extra bed with the Service Provider in advance, at the time of booking.

8.4. Child and family discounts for other room types are available on the page.

9. Cancellation conditions

9.1. If the Service Provider has not stipulated other conditions in its offer, the reservation can be canceled free of charge in writing up to 7 days before arrival. In the case of cancellation beyond the deadline or failure to cancel, the hotel will charge 50% of the price of the ordered services as a penalty.

9.2. If the Contracting Party did not provide for the use of the services by advance payment, credit card guarantee (with authorization of the credit card charge), or in another way specified in the contract, the Service Provider's service obligation ceases 7 days from receipt of the booking.

9.3. If the Contracting Party secured the use of accommodation services by prepayment and does not arrive on the arrival day (and does not send a written cancellation to the Guest), the Service Provider will charge the entire amount of the advance payment paid as a penalty. In this case, the hotel reserves the room for the Contracting Party until 11:00 on the day following the arrival date, and thereafter the Service Provider's service obligation ceases.

9.4. The service provider reserves the right to stipulate conditions in an individual contract different from those mentioned above for services subject to special conditions, such as promotional offers, group travel, or events, and for peak periods. The Service Provider communicates these conditions adequately.

9.5. Other services (wellness, restaurant) can be canceled up to 4 hours before use. If cancellation does not occur by the deadline, the Service Provider is entitled to charge 100% of the ordered service amount to the guest's account.

9.6. Meals included in the service package cannot be canceled or converted into cash.

10. Refusal to fulfill the contract, termination of the service obligation

10.1. The Service Provider is entitled to terminate the contract for accommodation services with immediate effect and thus refuse to provide services if:

10.2. If the contract between the parties is not fulfilled due to "force majeure" reasons, the contract terminates.

11. Payment methods, guarantee

11.1. The remuneration for the ordered Services can be paid on-site in cash (in Hungarian Forints or Euros), by bank card accepted by the Service Provider, or by bank transfer, or through payment on the website. The exchange rate of room rates shall be the foreign exchange rate of the Hungarian National Bank valid on the day of arrival.

11.2. In the case of a bank transfer - unless otherwise specified in the agreement with the Service Provider - the Guest is obliged to transfer the remuneration for the ordered services to the hotel's bank account before the day specified in the offer in such a way that the specified amount is credited to the hotel's bank account by the payment deadline or the Guest provides irrevocable confirmation of the transfer with a statement issued by the Guest's bank.

11.3. Guarantee of individual room reservation can be made by providing credit card details, along with authorization for charging, or by advance payment.

11.4. Other payment methods on-site: Széchenyi Recreation Card, vouchers issued by the hotel and/or its contracted partners.

11.5. The Service Provider reserves the right to request a guarantee from the contracting party or the guest for the remuneration of extra services consumed on-site, i.e., services exceeding the ordered services. These guarantees may include:
(a) credit card guarantee: a deposit will be determined depending on the length of stay, which will be blocked on the credit card until departure,
b) service deposit: the deposit can also be settled in cash upon arrival. The unused amount will be refunded upon departure, without interest accruing to the Guest on this amount.

11.6. Pre-disclosure of data required for payment by credit card, detailed description of payment procedure and conditions:
After selecting the services to be ordered, the Guest will be redirected to the Six Payment Services website, where payment can be made with their credit card through a transaction conducted with encryption, currently considered the most secure method, by Six Pay. Our customers only need to click on the "pay by credit card" option when selecting the payment method, and then provide the card number and expiration date on Six Payment Services payment server. The system accepts VISA, MasterCard, Maestro type cards.
Bank cards issued exclusively for electronic use will only be accepted if their use is authorized by the bank issuing the card. The Guest must inquire with their bank whether their card can be used for online purchases. The Service Provider is not responsible for any damages or costs arising from this.
The Service Provider stores the data generated and obtained during the ordering process and may use the name of the cardholder or purchaser solely for the purpose of executing transactions authorized by the cardholder. The Service Provider does not have any other data generated during the transaction.

Any payment complaints raised by the cardholder (guest) must be reported in writing immediately after the use of the service, but no later than within 3 days. The Service Provider will decide on the method and extent of any compensation within 15 days of receiving the complaint.

12. Accommodation guarantee

12.1. If the hotel of the Service Provider cannot provide the services specified in the Agreement due to its own fault (e.g., overbooking, temporary operational problems, etc.), the Service Provider is obliged to arrange for the accommodation of the Guest as soon as possible, according to its possibilities.

12.2. The Service Provider is obliged to provide/offer the services specified in the contract, at the agreed price, for the duration specified therein - or until the impediment is removed - at another hotel of the same or higher category.

12.3. If the Service Provider fulfills these obligations in full, or if the Guest accepts the alternative accommodation offered to them, the Guest shall not make any claims against the Service Provider.

13. Rules regarding pets

13.1. Pets may only be brought onto the Hotel premises with the prior express permission of the Service Provider. However, granting permission does not exempt the Guest from paying a surcharge for pets or from complying with the rules regarding pets.

The Guest must notify the Service Provider at the time of booking, but no later than 1 day before arrival, if they intend to bring a pet onto the hotel premises.

The Guest is required to keep the pets they have been granted prior approval for under continuous supervision during their stay. Pets may only be taken to the room accessed by the Guest, and may not use any other rooms. Specifically, but not exclusively, pets are prohibited from being brought into or kept in the restaurant, pool, or sauna.

A surcharge for bringing pets onto the hotel premises must be paid, the exact amount of which is included in the fee schedule used by the Service Provider.

13.2. If the Guest brings a pet onto the hotel premises for which the Service Provider has not obtained prior and express permission, and payment for pets is required.

13.3. The Guest is fully and objectively responsible for any damage caused by the pets they bring in, and must pay any additional costs arising from bringing the pets onto the hotel premises. Such costs include, but are not limited to, the cost of additional cleaning. The exact fees for these services are included in the Service Provider's fee schedule. The Guest is entitled to discuss and dispute any damages caused by pets with the Service Provider's representative before departure. After this, the Service Provider is entitled to issue an invoice and submit its claim to the Guest along with the final bill. The Guest expressly accepts this method of settlement by acknowledging and accepting these GTCs.

14. Guest rights and obligations

14.1. By concluding the accommodation service contract and paying the appropriate fee, the Guest is entitled to the customary and intended use of the rented premises, as well as the usual use of the facilities provided by the accommodation facility for Guests without any special conditions during the opening hours as indicated.

14.2. The Guest may lodge a complaint regarding the provision of services by the Service Provider during the period of stay at the accommodation. The Service Provider's representative or authorized person shall draw up a written record of the complaint, and undertake to investigate and rectify the complaint. The Service Provider handles any complaints individually. Complaints can be made in writing to the following address and contact details:

14.3. The Guest's right to lodge a complaint against the Service Provider ceases upon departure from the accommodation, and the Guest may exercise any complaints to the competent authority as determined by the applicable laws.

14.4. The Guest is obliged to pay the agreed fee: by the deadline specified in the confirmation, or upon completion of the accommodation service contract.

14.5. If Guests bring food or drinks to the hotel and consume them in public areas, the Service Provider is entitled to charge a reasonable fee, in accordance with the pricing, for these items (referred to as "corkage" for beverages). It is prohibited to take food or drinks served by the Hotel's catering units out of the Hotel to guests.

14.6. The Guest is required to obtain written permission from the Service Provider before using non-standard or non-everyday electrical appliances brought into the Hotel's premises. In the absence of such permission, the use of devices specified in this section is prohibited.

14.7. Vehicles of hotel guests can be parked in the open, gated parking lot for a fee. Parking is subject to a fee, which is listed in the current price list at the reception, or can be found at The Service Provider excludes any liability for damage caused to vehicles parked in the parking lot and for items placed in them (including, but not limited to: car break-ins and theft of any items from the car; car theft; damages caused by natural phenomena).

14.8. The Service Provider does not assume responsibility for valuables left in the rooms by Guests.

14.9. The Highway Code Act 1/1975 (II. 5.) KPM-BM joint decree (KRESSZ) must be observed in the parking lot, with a maximum speed limit of 5 km/h. The Guest expressly acknowledges that the Service Provider is not liable for damages to the Guest's vehicle on the Hotel's premises.

14.10. Littering is strictly prohibited throughout the hotel premises! Guests are required to dispose of waste in the waste bins provided on the hotel premises or in the rooms. In case of serious or repeated violations of this obligation, the Service Provider is entitled to instruct the Guest to comply with their obligation and to recover any damages, as well as additional costs, from the Guest.

14.11. It is prohibited to remove or relocate furniture from the room or the building.

14.12. Equipment and devices in the Hotel's (complex) premises may only be used by Guests or any other person at their own risk, in accordance with the instructions provided and posted, and only designated persons may stay on the entire premises of the Hotel. The Service Provider shall not be liable for any damages resulting from improper use.

14.13. Guests or other persons may only smoke in designated areas. Smoking is prohibited in closed areas of the hotel (including guest rooms) according to the Non-Smokers' Protection Act No. XLII of 1999. Warning signs indicating compliance with the regulations are posted in the areas specified by the legislation in the hotel. Employees or representatives of the Service Provider are entitled to warn Guests or any other person on the Hotel premises for the first time to comply with the law or to cease unlawful behavior. Guests or any other person on the hotel premises are required to comply with the law and the request for compliance. If, despite the request, the person fails to fulfill their obligation, the Service Provider is entitled to recover its incurred damages and additional costs from the person violating the obligation. In particular, but not exclusively, the Service Provider is entitled to enforce fines, fees, or other payment obligations due to the breach of obligation. If a Guest can be proven to have violated the obligations stated in the above legislation, they are required to pay a penalty of HUF 30,000 to the hotel operator, which the hotel operator is entitled to charge to the Guest's room bill and which the Guest must pay upon departure.

14.14. In case of fire, persons staying in the Hotel must immediately notify the reception and take necessary measures to extinguish it.

14.15. Guests sharing the rooms and the common-use items and equipment of the hotel premises are jointly responsible for any damage caused by improper use.

14.16. It is prohibited to bring fireworks or similar products into the Hotel premises or to use them there, except with the prior written consent of the Service Provider, following the presentation of the necessary official permit. The Service Provider is in no way liable for possessing, using, or causing damages related to the items referred to in this section, or for any involvement with them. The provisions of this section must be properly applied to devices or items (etc.) subject to a permit or other authorization, brought into or used on the Hotel premises.

14.17. All areas of the Hotel, all items, equipment, and particularly, but not exclusively, the spa and wellness section, must be used in accordance with their intended purpose and at the guest's own risk, taking into account the increased risk of slipping in areas near water/pools. The Service Provider shall not be liable for accidents resulting from such use or from the use of the pool and sauna areas (Spa or wellness section).

14.18. The Guest is responsible for ensuring that minors brought into the Hotel premises under their supervision, particularly to ensure that minors are only present in the Hotel under supervision. The person exercising supervision is responsible for any damage caused by minors or minors brought into the Hotel premises by a person with demonstrable authorization. Saunas in the Hotel are not accessible to children under 14 years of age for health reasons, textile-free saunas are not accessible to those under 18 years of age, and the supervision of children in this regard is the responsibility of the supervising party. The rules set forth in this paragraph must be properly applied to the presence or actions of persons with limited legal capacity or legal capacity, or to any damages caused by them.

14.19. The Guest is obliged to immediately report any damage caused during their stay or in connection with it to the Service Provider and provide all necessary data, facts, and circumstances concurrently with the report.

14.20. For security reasons, the Service Provider operates a closed-circuit camera system on the Hotel premises.

15. Liability for damages

The Guest shall be liable for all damages and disadvantages suffered by the Service Provider or third parties due to the fault of the Guest, their companions, or other persons under their responsibility. The guest is responsible for paying the damages caused to the Service Provider. This liability exists even if the injured party is entitled to claim compensation directly from the Service Provider.

16. Rights and obligations of the Service Provider

16.1. Performance of accommodation and other services ordered under the contract in accordance with valid regulations and service standards.

16.2. Investigation of written complaints from Guests and taking necessary steps to address the issues, with documentation in writing.

16.3. Loud behavior is prohibited within the hotel premises and on the terraces after 10:00 PM, including disturbingly loud television watching, listening to music in the rooms, and loud music in the lobby, for which compliance is the responsibility of the hotel staff. An exception is made for pre-arranged music or dance programs.

16.4. If the Guest fails to fulfill their obligation to pay for the services used or ordered but not used under the contract, the Service Provider is entitled to a lien on the Guest's personal property brought into the hotel.

16.5. The port service providing continuous supervision within the complex is authorized to check the incoming and outgoing Guests, ascertain their identity.

16.6. In case of necessity, the security service is authorized to control traffic within the complex.

17. Liability for damages by the Service Provider

17.1. The Service Provider is liable for damages resulting from the loss, damage, or destruction of the Guest's belongings, provided that they were placed in the designated safekeeping by the Guest or handed over to an employee of the Service Provider whom the Guest could reasonably consider authorized to receive their belongings.

17.2. The liability of the Service Provider does not extend to damages resulting from events beyond the control of the Service Provider's employees and Guests or those caused by the Guest themselves.

17.3. The Service Provider may designate areas within the complex that Guests cannot enter. The Service Provider is not liable for any damages or injuries to Guests occurring in such areas.

17.4. The Service Provider is only liable for valuables, securities, and cash if it explicitly accepted them for safekeeping, refused to accept them for safekeeping, or if the damage occurred due to reasons for which it is generally liable. In this case, the burden of proof lies with the Guest.

17.5. The Service Provider is not liable for damages resulting from non-compliant use.

17.6. The Service Provider is not liable if the use of the hotel's wellness facilities or sports facilities is restricted or prohibited due to extraordinary or health-related maintenance.

18. Illness or death of the Guest

18.1. If the Guest falls ill during the period of using the accommodation services and is unable to act in their own interest, the Service Provider offers medical assistance.

18.2. In case of illness/death of the Guest, the Service Provider may claim cost compensation from the relatives, heirs, or the payer of the bill for medical and procedural costs incurred, the consideration for services used before the death, and damages to equipment and furnishings related to the illness/death.

19. Illness or death of the Guest

19.1. Providing the name and email address is mandatory for subscribing to the newsletter on the Service Provider's website. By subscribing to the newsletter, the User consents to the processing of the provided data. The Service Provider processes the data until the data subject requests deletion.

19.2. The possibility of unsubscribing is provided in every newsletter through a direct link, and it is also available on the website.

19.3. The User is responsible for the accuracy of the provided personal data.

19.4. The Service Provider protects the data against unauthorized access, alteration, transmission, disclosure, deletion, or destruction, as well as accidental destruction and damage, together with the server operators.

19.5. Only the employees of the data controller have access to the personal data provided by the User. The data controller does not disclose personal data to third parties.

19.6. For more information on the processing of personal data, the User can refer to the "Privacy Policy" on the website or request it at

19.7. The User acknowledges that the Service Provider is obliged to provide personal data to the requesting authority based on legal authorization, provided that the legal conditions are met. The User cannot object to data provision based on legal, administrative, or court orders.

20. Confidentiality

20.1. In the performance of the obligations under the Agreement, the Service Provider is obliged to comply with the provisions of the Act on the protection of personal data and the disclosure of public data.

20.2. The Parties agree that, except for mandatory information required by law, public data, and data in the public interest, they shall treat all information, data, or any other information concerning the other Party that has not yet been made public, and/or the disclosure of which could adversely affect the other Party or any other person associated with them, or could result in the adverse evaluation of the Party, or could harm or endanger their financial, economic, or market interests, as business secrets (hereinafter: Secret) and may only use them for the purpose of fulfilling this Agreement and may not disclose, provide access to, or make accessible Secret information to unauthorized persons [including, but not limited to, the press, media, any other news media, individuals, social media (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram), etc.]. The Parties shall be bound by the obligation of confidentiality from the last day of the legal relationship under this Agreement for an indefinite period.

Matters not regulated herein shall be governed by the provisions of Act LIV of 2018 on Business Secrets.

21. Force majeure

23.1. Any event, circumstance, or occurrence that is unforeseeable, unavoidable by the party or parties, and which prevents the fulfillment of the rights or obligations of the party or parties under this agreement shall be deemed force majeure (hereinafter: Force Majeure). Such events include, but are not limited to, the following on the side of the Service Provider:

In case of occurrence of force majeure, the Service Provider is obliged to notify the other party of the event and how it affects the performance of the services provided. Otherwise, the Service Provider is required to take all necessary measures to manage the situation.

22. Place of performance, court stipulation

22.1. The Service Provider provides its services to the users on the premises of the Hotel (place of performance).

22.2. The Parties primarily settle any disputes arising from this contractual relationship amicably. If this does not lead to a resolution within 30 (thirty) days, the Parties shall, depending on the value of the subject matter, submit to the exclusive jurisdiction of the Kecskemét District Court or the Kecskemét Tribunal for the settlement of the dispute.

23. Data of visitors to the Service Provider's website

23.1. The Service Provider does not record the user's IP address or any other personal data when visiting the website operated by it. During the visit to the website, searching is freely and anonymously provided. The Service Provider uses anonymous internet browsing solely for statistical purposes, optimizing its online presence, enhancing system security, and the recorded data does not contain any personal information.

23.2. The Service Provider treats all data and facts concerning Users confidentially, using them solely for its own research and statistical purposes.

23.3. The Service Provider does not assume responsibility for previously deleted but archived pages that are still accessible through internet search engines. The removal of these pages is the responsibility of the operator of the search engine.

24. Newsletter

By subscribing to the newsletter, the User voluntarily provides their name and email address, consenting to receive electronic mail from Adventor Hotel Kft. The Adventor Hotel Kft. ensures that the user can unsubscribe from the newsletter at any time by contacting