Traditional massages

Pamper yourself in our wellness area and return to your busy weekdays recharged.

Massage taster
Classic Swedish massage is a treatment with natural cream and oil, including massage of the legs and back.
20 minute 25 €
Refreshing foot massage
Pampering massage for the feet. It improves the blood supply to the limb, relaxes the muscles, tendons and ligaments. The feeling of fatigue disappears. The treatment consists of massaging the muscles of the foot and thigh with a softening foot balm. (This treatment is not recommended for varicose veins.)
20 minute 25 €
Back massage
The aim of back massage is to relax the muscles of the back, neck and waist area and improve the blood supply to these parts of the body. The massage involves the entire musculature from the hips to the head.
30 minute 29 €
Aromatherapy massage with essential oils
The treatment consists of a gentle massage with essential oils. The oil (aromatic) massage is indicated for: physical, mental and spiritual regeneration, well-being. A refreshing, - soothing, relaxing treatment with essential oils of the guest's choice. ( 30' aromatic massage = massage of the legs and back - not recommended for varicose veins on the legs.)
30 minute 33 €
Aromatherapy massage with vanilla and jasmine
A nourishing and hydrating relaxing massage. The treatment helps to regenerate skin that has lost its elasticity and increases skin firmness. Its collagen content slows down the natural ageing process and regulates the skin's moisture content. (Includes massage of the legs and back.)
30 minute 34 €
Full body massage with grapeseed oil
A relaxing massage with grapeseed oil invigorates the skin, improves circulation and thus cleanses and detoxifies. The grapeseed oil effectively inhibits cellular ageing, helps to keep the skin young and fresh. Grapeseed oil massage includes a full body massage (except face, cleavage and abdomen area).
40 minute 39 €
Intense full body massage
The perfect way to relax and unwind is a full body massage. It reduces fatigue, relieves tension and relaxes spasming muscles. It is recommended for strong, tight muscles. (Face, cleavage and abdomen area are not included).
50 minute 44 €

Special massage

Exotic bamboo massage
A bamboo massage is one of the most exotic treatments. In addition to vegetable oils, bamboo sticks of specific sizes for each body part are used to apply adequate amounts of pressure. A bamboo massage remedies energetic blockages in the body by stimulating the circulation of blood and lymphatic function as well as alleviating muscle tension. Thanks to special movements and tools, it also treats deep muscles.
50 minute 46 €
Sweet dream
Treatment with an orange and chocolate massage cream. A calorie-free treat as well as sensual temptation containing original Dutch cocoa, shea butter, cocoa butter and olive oil. A pleasant chocolate scent for the soul on top of cocoa butter for the body and skin. Cocoa is rich in vitamins and minerals, moreover, when intensely hydrated, energizes, softens, beautifies, replenishes and nourishes the skin, making it velvety smooth. Cocoa butter is an excellent skin conditioner with softening, protecting and moisturising effects. Sweet oranges improve and promote metabolic processes on the surface of the body as well as tighten the skin.
50 minute 48 €
Herbal massage ritual
Spicy oils from the fabulous East will put you in a special meditative state. This ritual is a full-body pampering treatment with herbal bags and warm spicy oils, traditional of ancient Far Eastern culture. To enhance the pleasant feeling, the masseur gratifies the treated surface of the body with a pinda, warm spicy oils and slow stroking movements.
60 minute 76 €

Reservation and information

For more information and to book an appointment every day from 09:00 to 18:00 e-mail or call +36 20 477 0519!

Cancellation conditions: in case of cancellation within 4 hours before the booked appointment, the full price of the massage will be charged as a penalty!